About Alpine County

Alpine County is a unique and captivating region in the state of California. Located just 31 miles from South Lake Tahoe, Alpine County is a tourist’s dream for fishing, camping, hiking, rafting, skiing, and other winter sports. Although Alpine County has no traffic lights, it can be easy to get lost in the green scenery along your drive and miss a speed limit or other kind of traffic sign. If you do find yourself with a traffic ticket in Alpine, let GetDismissed help contest your ticket today.

Here are some interesting facts about Alpine County

  • Smallest County in California: in terms of both population and land area. It was established in 1864 and covers an area of approximately 738 sq. miles (1,910 square km)
  • Mountainous Terrain: Located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, making it a paradise for nature lovers
  • Carson River: The Carson River, one of the major rivers in the Sierra Nevada, flows through Alpine County. The river offers excellent opportunities for fishing, kayaking, and rafting
  • National Forests: Alpine County is surrounded by national forests, including Toiyabe National Forest and Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. Skiing and Winter Activities: In the winter months, Alpine County transforms into a winter wonderland, with opportunities for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports. Kirkwood Mountain Resort is a popular ski destination in the county
  • Grover Hot Springs State Park: This beautiful state park, located in Alpine County, offers hot springs for visitors to relax and enjoy the therapeutic waters.
  • Wildlife & Natural Beauty: Home to diverse wildlife, incl; mule deer, black bears, mountain lions, various bird species.

Alpine County Common Traffic Tickets

The county’s small size and limited population may lead to variations in the types of traffic violations and enforcement priorities compared to larger counties However, some common traffic violations that are prevalent in many regions, including Alpine County, could include:

Speeding: Exceeding the posted speed limit is a common traffic violation in many areas, including rural regions like Alpine County. Find out more about Speeding Tickets.
Failure to Stop at Stop Signs: Disregarding stop signs or failing to come to a complete stop can lead to traffic citations. Find out more about Stop Sign tickets.
Cell Phone Use: Using a cell-phone/mobile while driving without a hands-free device or while texting is a traffic offense frequently enforced by law enforcement. Find out more about Cellphone Tickets.

Alpine County Traffic Courts

Alpine County is a small and rural county with limited infrastructure. Due to its small size and low population, it does not have a dedicated traffic court. Instead, traffic-related cases in Alpine County are typically handled by the Alpine County Superior Court. Here is the main court location in Alpine County.

Alpine Superior Court – 14777 State Route 89, Markleeville, CA 96120

Alpine Ticket Help

So you got a traffic ticket in Alpine County. Welcome to the club. You probably don’t know it, but your ticket is just one of over 5,000,000 tickets written every year in California. And, of that huge number, only a small percentage will ever be contested.

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