How Does a Traffic Ticket Affect Insurance Rates

  • Traffic tickets happen to the best of us. Unfortunately, traffic tickets can have a big impact on our insurance. Insurance companies charge higher premiums to those drivers they believe are high-risk. Meaning you will have to pay for expensive insurance premiums for at least the next 3 years if you receive one or more traffic tickets. So how does a traffic ticket affect insurance rates?

What are the Four Major Speed Laws in California?

  • Many people believe it’s okay to drive 10 miles over the speed limit if it follows the flow of traffic, however that is not the case. The flow of traffic is never a defense to speeding. In California, there are four major Speed Laws: Basic, Prima Facie, Maximum, and Minimum.

Is it Illegal to Drive Barefoot in California?

  • Many Californians believe that if you drive barefoot you are committing an offense. In fact, they are under the misapprehension that it is illegal when in truth, there are no federal or even state laws that prohibit you from driving a car without shoes on your feet.

Top 25 Worst Drivers by City

  • Everyone knows that California has some of the worst traffic and drivers in the nation. So it isn’t any surprise that of the top 25 worst cities to drive in – 7 are in California. However, California is not the only state with multiple cities in the top 25. North Carolina has 3 cities and Virginia has 2. Let’s take a look at the worst drivers by city.

New California Driving Laws to Know in 2020

  • Since driving laws change often, it’s critical to stay on top of them in order to avoid penalties. So let’s take a look at new California driving laws of 2020.

Dealing with a Speeding Ticket in California? Is Traffic School the Best Option

  • Perhaps you got hit with a speeding ticket from a cop having a bad day, and you don’t want to have the points on your driving record because of how this can have long-term negative consequences. They will record this on your DMV record, and it will cause your car insurance rates to go up. That’s why a lot of people have considered going to traffic school for speeding ticket in California. However, is that the best option?

How Much Is a Speeding Ticket in Los Angeles County?

  • Getting a speeding ticket might not seem like a big deal since it can’t put you in jail, but it’s the cost that is frustrating. Some people think paying the fine will make the ticket go away, but the truth is that it can affect your wallet in multiple ways. That is why it’s important to not simply accept the ticket but fight the ticket and its consequences.


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