7 Reasons To Avoid Texting While Driving

  • In the age of technology, driving while distracted by cell phones has become an increasing problem across the United States. Nearly every state now has laws against doing so and for good reason. Texting while driving is incredibly dangerous and can lead to many adverse effects for you and those around you. Here are 7 reasons that you should avoid distracted driving with your cell phone at all costs.

How to Fight Red Light Camera Tickets in San Francisco

  • As it turns out, it is a lot easier to fight red light camera San Francisco tickets than you may have realized. Find out how to get your ticket dismissed quickly and easily.

True Costs of HOV California Violations

  • While the rules for an HOV lane are pretty much common knowledge, sometimes the demarcations for where these lanes end and begin can be a little confusing, especially on older roads that aren’t as well kept. This can lead to HOV violations and tickets that are surprisingly expensive.

What is Trial De Novo?

  • What is a trial de novo? It is essentially a new trial. However, it is not something granted automatically. In California, there are certain requirements that must be met in order for you to take advantage of this procedure.

How to Use Live California Traffic Cameras

  • Living in California can be an expensive proposition as a driver. Even minor traffic citations can end up costing drivers hundreds of dollars each year. Therefore, it is crucial to use all traffic tools at your disposal to keep your driving record clean and avoid fees and penalties. In this blog post, we will introduce the live California traffic camera map tool that can be used to plan better routes, create easier commutes, and improve road safety.

How to Fight a Speeding Ticket in San Francisco

  • There is no doubt the state of California is pretty strict when it comes to moving violations. As a result, speeding in California is no small ticket item. Even a slight infraction can wind up costing up as much as $900 once you add up all the fines, penalties and fees! Is there anything you can do to get your speeding ticket dismissed? What if $900 just isn’t in your budget? Who can you contact for help after you’ve been caught speeding in California? Read on to find out!

How to Use California Traffic Ticket Lookup

  • Almost everyone has gotten some kind of traffic ticket before, be it a speeding ticket, or something else. It’s almost always a hassle and never a fun experience. Luckily, the California traffic ticket lookup system makes finding and paying for these traffic tickets much easier. Instead of having to mail in the ticket with your payment and hope it manages to get to the right place, the California traffic ticket lookup system lets you find and pay your bills online from the comfort of your own home, or on the go with your smart phone.

The Best San Diego Traffic Ticket Lawyer Alternative

  • Nobody likes getting a traffic ticket. In the state of California, traffic tickets rank as the most expensive vehicle citation in the nation. So, what should you do if you receive an infraction? You may have heard that a “speeding ticket lawyer” can get you out of any citation. Let’s examine common San Diego traffic tickets, the logistics of hiring a traffic ticket lawyer, and alternatives that can help dismiss your ticket.

What is a Traffic Break?

  • Many CA drivers are not familiar with the “traffic break” concept. This means that when the traffic breaks occur, many drivers are clueless to what’s going on. Unfortunately, this leads to unsafe situations between drivers and traffic patrol officers. Let’s take a minute to learn what a traffic break is, why they occur, how they’re performed, and what to do if you are involved in one.

Do I Need a Speeding Ticket Attorney?

  • A California police officer has given you a speeding ticket. Tough luck, but California is infamously known as the traffic ticket capital of the United States. Paying for a speeding ticket is always a burden; is there a way to avoid it? Speeding ticket attorneys are a possibility—lets examine what they do, how much they cost, and additional methods to fight your ticket.


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