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Nobody likes getting a traffic ticket. In the state of California, traffic tickets rank as the most expensive vehicle citation in the nation. So, what should you do if you receive an infraction? You may have heard that a “speeding ticket lawyer” can get you out of any citation. Let’s examine common San Diego traffic tickets, the logistics of hiring a traffic ticket lawyer, and alternatives that can help dismiss your ticket.

Common San Diego Traffic Tickets

What are the most common traffic tickets given out in San Diego, CA? The four basic categories include speeding, red light, sign violation, cell-phone tickets. Other tickets that are often cited in San Diego can include commercial driver, distracted while driving, carpool, lane change, and seatbelt tickets. The four primary tickets of San Diego roads can be broken down into specific vehicle code violations.

  • Speeding
    • Exceeding 55 mph Commercial Truck Driver Speed (Vehicle Code 22406)
    • Exceeding 100 mph (Vehicle Code 22348)
    • Exceeding 55 mph Commercial Truck Driver Speed (Vehicle Code 22349a)
    • Exceeding 55 mph 2-lane Highway or Freeway (Vehicle Code 22349b)
    • Unsafe Speed (Vehicle Code 22350)
    • Exceeding 70 mph Freeway Speed (Vehicle Code 22356b)
  • Red Light
    • Passing limit line on red light (Vehicle Code 21453a)
    • Right on Red (Vehicle Code 21453b)
    • Turning on red arrow (Vehicle Code 21453c)
    • Pedestrian walking against red signal (Vehicle Code 21453d)
    • Disobey red freeway meter (Vehicle Code 21455)
    • Fail to stop for flashing red (Vehicle Code 21457)
  • Sign Violation
    • Stop sign (Vehicle Code 22450)
    • Regulatory sign (Vehicle Code 21461)
    • Signs regulating turns (Vehicle Code 22101)
    • No right turn on red sign (Vehicle Code 21453b)
    • Fail to obey sign (Vehicle Code 38300)
    • Speed zone sign (Vehicle Code 23336)
  • Cell Phone
    • Talking without hands-free device (Vehicle Code 23123)
    • Texting while driving (Vehicle Code 23123.5)
    • Reading or sending Email while driving (Vehicle Code 23123.5)
    • Using GPS on phone while driving (Vehicle Code 23123.5)
    • Looking at screen while driving (Vehicle Code 27602)

Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Simply put, San Diego traffic ticket lawyers are expensive. The fees can add up to cost more than your initial ticket fine amount! Even worse, you often don’t get a refund if they lose the court case. That is a large sum of money down the drain if the case doesn’t go your way. Furthermore, you will have to spend a day in the courthouse. This is a massive waste of time due to the existence of a simple fix—a trial by written declaration. This means that you can write and prepare your defense on the citation itself. It allows you to avoid a day in court, and you can possibly have your citation revoked completely! If the trial by written declaration does not go in your favor, then you still have the ability to hire a San Diego traffic ticket lawyer to fight the ticket in court.

Ticket Dismissal Services

GetDismissed is a prime example of a ticket dismissal service. The GetDismissed system has helped countless San Diego drivers revoke citations, save money, and keep a clean driving record in the process. The great thing about GetDismissed, is that there are no burdensome lawyer fees that will put a hole in your wallet regardless of the court outcome. If you wind up with a San Diego traffic infraction, be on the lookout for breaches of traffic patrol policy. These instances can act as a potential defense to your case. Remember to hold off on hiring a San Diego traffic ticket lawyer, and use a ticket dismissal service with a trial by written declaration, first. Find out how GetDismissed can assist you, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.


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