Ready for us to get to the point and tell you everything you need to know about using the GETDISMISSED mobile app? Let’s get to it!

The most important thing to remember is that using the app is SIMPLE. We designed it specifically to make usage as quick, easy, and simple as possible because you’ve already got enough to worry about; you just got a ticket! But don’t worry about that because you’re just a few screen taps away from fighting that ticket.

How do I get the GetDismissed app?

The GETDISMISSED app is available for all iOS based devices in the Apple App Store and for all Android based devices in Google Play. Your first step is to download the app for your particular type of phone, either iPhone or Android or use our web app on your computer or mobile phone just by going to Once you’ve downloaded the proper app you’re ready for the next step.

I’ve downloaded the app now what?

Step two is to open the app on your phone or with your web browser and select “NEW USERS – TAP HERE TO SET UP YOUR ACCOUNT.” (See Figure 3.) It’s right about in the center of the screen; you really can’t miss it. Of course, if you already have an account, just select “ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT? TAP HERE TO SIGN IN”. That’s how SIMPLE this whole thing is.

Once you’ve set up your account, you will have 6 options (See Figure 4.) as follows:

    1. Add Ticket
    2. Get Traffic Ticket Protection
    3. Your Details
    4. Ticket History
    5. Learn More
    6. Notification
  • Figure 3:

    New users set up account

    – Already have an account, sign in

  • Figure 4:

    GetDismissed menu options


Add Ticket

Next, you’re going to take a nice clean picture of your traffic ticket. The key here is clarity. We need to be able to see and read the information on the ticket, so use the brackets on your phone’s screen as a guide. Don’t worry about the background or whether the image is perfectly straight. The important part is our ability to get the information from the traffic ticket image. You will then input the basic information about your ticket including:

  1. Type of ticket
  2. Citation number
  3. Courthouse; and
  4. Due Date
  • Figure 5:

    Traffic ticket details and picture of traffic ticket

We know you want GetDismissed to work so please follow the next important part carefully. What will happen next is that you will tap through a short series of menus that describe your particular type of ticket (See Figures 6 and 7). For example, if you received a speeding ticket the app will ask you; “How did the officer measure your speed?” And then a series of possible options will let you select the correct choice.

  • Figure 6:

    The app will ask you for details about your ticket

  • Figure 7:

    The app will ask you for further details about your ticket

Options will include: “Speed Gun,” “Followed Me,” “Saw Me,” and “Aircraft.” IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

Once we know what type of ticket you’ve been issued we can start building your case, so you can fight your traffic ticket, get it dismissed, and save money! After you’ve made and selected all the choices in the prior incident type menu, we now need you to tell us why the officer should not have ticketed you. To do that we need just a few details about what happened. Another series of choices will appear with options suited to your ticket type (See Figure 8). Let’s stick with the speeding ticket example: in this case the “Incident Details” menu will provide choices and images such as: “Darkness,” “Bad Weather,”“Other Cars in the Way,” and “Large Distance Between You and the Officer.” Make all the choices that apply. But remember these have to be accurate because once you submit your Trial by Declaration paperwork to court, the officer who issued the ticket is going to have a chance to respond with his side of the story. You wouldn’t want to argue that it was too “dark” for the officer to see you clearly when the judge will read the officer’s paperwork and see that the ticket was issued in broad daylight would you?

WAIT! Before you go on, take a minute to review your case details and summary (see Figure 9) and make sure all your information is correct. This is your chance to make any changes or corrections to your prior choices. Done? Good. Now we can move on.

  • Figure 8:

    The app will prompt you for circumstances that are important for building your case

  • Figure 9:

    Review your ticket summary to make sure everything is correct

The Final Step: Proceed to Checkout.

The Checkout screen will have the amount or “Cost of Service” required for GetDismissed to put together your entire Trial by Declaration case. Also on this screen you will be asked to enter your credit or debit card number, billing details, and a few pieces of other information needed to process your payment. (See Figures 10-12)

Once that’s all filled in just tap the “Make Payment” button and TAA-DAA! You’re almost done.

  • Figure 10:

    At checkout, you will be prompted to add a traffic ticket protection so you can fight future tickets for FREE

  • Figure 11:

    You can now review your order prior to payment

  • Figure 12:

    Enter your billing information and payment information

Shortly after your payment has been processed you will receive two emails from GetDismissed so be sure to check your email account frequently (See Figure 13). The first email will be your receipt of payment. This receipt will also have your GetDismissed account information and login information, so please hold onto this. Just in case you ever need to reference the order.

You will not receive the second email until we have completed your Trial by Written Declaration and all your defense documents. This email will have a link to your account and case documents when they are completed; you can also choose to get a text message with this link. Click on the link and print out all of the pages. NOW you have just two steps left to go: Get a bail check and get a stamp.

California law requires you to post bail with your Trial by Declaration paperwork. Remember the court will refund you 100% of the bail amount if your ticket gets dismissed. You’ll just need to get a check and make it payable to the court for the bail amount specified by the court; you can get the amount from the court’s website or the notice you received in the mail from the court. Include that check with the Trial by Declaration case paperwork you just printed out, then get a stamp and mail it to the courthouse indicated on the ticket. AND NOW YOU’RE DONE! See, we told you it was simple.

Remember just because you’re fighting your ticket using the Trial by Declaration method it doesn’t mean you’ve given up your right to confront the officer and see a judge face-to-face. Even if you lose the Trial by Declaration you can still go into court and have a whole new trial with a judge. You’ve lost almost nothing by using the GetDismissed App!

  • Figure 13:

    Thank you for your order

Get Traffic Ticket Protection (See Figure 14.)

There’s no other traffic ticket protection program like the GetDismissed Traffic Ticket Protection program. If you drive in California, you need this traffic ticket protection to protect your driving record. With a GetDismissed Traffic Ticket Protection you can fight most California traffic tickets you receive in the next 12 months for FREE including:

    1. Speeding Tickets
    2. Red Light and Red-Light Camera Tickets
    3. Cell Phone Tickets
    4. Sign Tickets
    5. Carpool Tickets
    6. U-Turn Tickets
    7. Commercial Driver Defenses
    8. And Many More

There are also other benefits include with a GetDismissed Traffic Ticket Protection including:

We do the best we can, however not every ticket is dismissed by the court. If you are found guilty, it’s not a problem. We have arranged for all GetDismissed Traffic Ticket Protection members that are eligible for traffic school to take it for FREE. This is a fantastic benefit of a traffic ticket protection. You can’t go wrong; Either the ticket will be dismissed or you will get to take traffic school for free with the GetDismissed program.

    1. Free Traffic School
    2. Free Insurance Review
    3. The GetDismissed Ticket Newsletter
    4. And Many Other Benefits

All GetDismissed Traffic Ticket Protection members now can receive the lowest auto and home insurance rates available through our exclusive GetDismissed member insurance program.

Get This! You will also receive our weekly Traffic Ticket eNewsletter. You automatically opt-in to our eNewsletter when you have a GetDismissed Traffic Ticket Protection.

So go ahead, get your Traffic Ticket Protection. Just fill out the information in the traffic ticket protect section of our app and bam, you now are covered for the next 12 months

  • Figure 14:

    GetDismissed traffic ticket protection information

  • Figure 15:

    More traffic ticket protection information

Your Details

All your information is kept in this section. Keep it up to date. If anything changes like your mailing address, phone number, or email, just update it here. It’s that simple.

You’re also going to take a nice clean picture of your driver’s license. The key here, again, is clarity. We need to be able to see and read the information on your license, so use the brackets on your phone’s screen as a guide. Don’t worry about the background or whether the image is perfectly straight. The important part is our ability to get the information from the driver’s license image.

  • Figure 16:

    Your detail and clear photo of the front of your driver license

Ticket History

Like many drivers, you may receive several tickets over time. The Ticket History section is where you will go to manage all your tickets that you process through GetDismissed. You will see a list of all your tickets and you can just select view next to the ticket you would like to manage (See Figures 17 & 18).

Once you have select the ticket you would like to manage you will be able to do the following:

        1. View/sign the Notice to Consumer
        2. View/sign our Terms and Conditions
        3. View/upload a copy of your ticket
        4. Edit/view all your ticket details
        5. Edit/view all your driver details
        6. Edit/view the ticket questionnaire
        7. View/print your completed Trial by Written Declaration and Defense documents; or
        8. Process your GetDismissed payment
  • Figure 17:

    History of all your tickets

  • Figure 18:

    Manage all your ticket options

Learn More

Want more information about GetDismissed, no problem. Check out the “Learn More” section and read about our service and how you can fight your California traffic ticket and win, with a Trial by Written Declaration.

Well there you have it; the GetDismissed app in a nutshell. That ticket isn’t going to dismiss itself. So what are you waiting for? Get the app, sign up for a Traffic Ticket Protection traffic ticket protection and get your ticket dismissed with GetDismissed!