The brain trust at has been contesting traffic tickets for decades and got to thinking about technology and how it can be applied to this problem in order to find a more efficient solution. We realized that most people have a mobile phone and most mobile phones have cameras. We also know that it is becoming very common for banking institutions to accept photos of checks for deposit into a person’s account. From there it was only natural for us to develop a way to use a cell phone camera to take a picture of a traffic ticket that can then be used in creating a Trial by Written Declaration.

With our team of attorneys, engineers, and designers, along with our marketing agency, we sought out a way to simplify the ticket fighting process in California in order to remove the frustration associated with fighting a ticket in court. Our goal was to create an easy to use system that alleviates that frustration. At the same time, we wanted to offer the most cost effective way to contest and dismiss a traffic ticket ever seen in the state of California.

We are very proud to say that all of those goals have been achieved and realized with the GetDismissed Application. The GetDismissed App provides California drivers a solution that revolutionizes the traffic ticket fighting process. Now there is no reason not to contest your traffic ticket. It is no longer “too costly,” or “too much work” to do. Even better, if your traffic ticket gets dismissed you will not get any points on your driving record or pay any fines. It will be as if you never received the ticket in the first place. And even if your ticket doesn’t get dismissed you’ve lost almost nothing. You will be right back where you started, meaning that you can still go to court or take traffic school. There is “no harm, no foul” – and therefore no reason not to try the GetDismissed App.

Of course, we are not suggesting you run out and try to get a traffic ticket just to use the GetDismissed App. It’s perfectly fine if you want to wait until you receive your next ticket since statistics show that you will probably get another ticket within the next 18 months. So go ahead and download the App so you have it ready. Then, just sit back and wait for that next traffic ticket with confidence because you are now prepared to fight it with the GetDismissed App.