CA Red Light Ticket


Fighting a red light ticket may be easier than you’d ever think! But first, you’ll want to make double sure that all of the information reflected on the ticket is actually accurate.

Unfortunately, with the rise of fraud and identity theft, there have been some cases of con-artists mailing out falsified tickets. Check your name, address and vehicle information closely for anything that seems missing or incorrect. Once you’re sure it is a legitimate document, you can begin to examine various forms of defense and move forward with contesting a red light ticket.

California Red Light Ticket

How Do Red Light Cameras Work

Red light cameras are installed at intersections and then synchronized with traffic lights. A driver will receive a citation when vehicle passes the white line after the light turned red. If you are in the intersection when the light turns red or pass the white line when the light is yellow then you should not receive a traffic ticket.

How to Fight CVC 21453

These types of violations are very easy for police or traffic officers to write up and very difficult for you, the ticket recipient, to argue. Unless, of course, you know what to look for. This is because there are plenty of reasons why you could get your red light ticket dismissed. For example:

  • Was the traffic signal clearly visible or was it obscured by something?
  • If the officer issuing the red light ticket told you that you didn’t stop for a long enough period of time before making your turn, you should know that the law does not actually specify a period of time that you should stop.
  • Was the officer actually in a position to really see where your car was in relation to the traffic light when it turned red?
  • Did you see a red light camera warning sign posted or was the warning sign unreadable or damaged? According to California law, a warning sign must posted that is visible from all directions. However, it DOES NOT have to be at the intersection. Some counties have the red light camera warning sign at the start of city limits or highway entrances/exits.

Other Reasons

  • There was bad weather or bad road conditions
  • Yellow light changed too quickly
  • Traffic citation doesn’t include photos or 1 of the 2 mandatory photos is missed
  • Lighting conditions are poor
  • License plate is missing on photo or unreadable
  • Traffic signal or red light sensor malfunction
  • White line at intersection not clearly visible
  • If you were not the driver

The state of California has a number of regulations in place to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians. However, there is always a chance of an error happening and you being unfairly ticketed. The GETDISMISSED system is a great way to optimize your chances of a successful outcome when contesting a red light violation that’s officer issued (CVC 21453). There truly are many extenuating factors that could come into play with a red light ticket. Don’t give up! Get the support you require in just a few clicks and be well on your way to a “Trial by Written Declaration” in no time.

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