CDL Ticket Dismissal

Commercial Driver Ticket Dismissal

What is CDL ticket dismissal? If you are a truck driver, or have another profession that requires you to drive for a living, you likely know what a CDL is. For the rest of our service users, a CDL is a Commercial Driver’s License. And, tickets for someone holding a CDL can mean the difference in the ability to provide for their families. Here’s why…

Commercial drivers drive for a living and are more likely to receive a traffic ticket. The companies that employ these commercial drivers must ensure that the people they hire have clean driving records or their insurance rates and CSAs scores will rise, the rating system used to identify high-risk motor carriers. Commercial drivers must meet both federal and state CDL requirements to apply for and maintain their commercial driving license.

The FMCSA and the PHMSA have published specific rules preventing truck and bus drivers and drivers who transport hazardous materials from texting or using handheld mobile phones while operating their vehicles. Cell phone use or texting while driving offenses can include civil penalties of up to $2,750 and driver disqualification for multiple offenses. Motor carriers (employers) may also face civil penalties up to $11,000 if they permit or require their drivers to use cell phones while driving.

Commercial Driver Ticket Dismissal Program

CDL Ticket Dismissal California

To help commercial drivers and the companies that employ them, GetDismissed California Traffic Ticket Fighters has developed a CDL ticket dismissal program that identifies the most common traffic tickets that commercial drivers receive and allows them to fight the ticket without going to court.

When you receive a traffic ticket, all you need to do is select the type of ticket you have and answer a few other questions about the ticket, along with uploading a picture of your traffic ticket and driver’s license. The GetDismissed system will then provide you with your completed defense package to print, sign, and send to the court.

Fighting a ticket successfully can get complicated and overwhelming when you’re unsupported. Especially if you have a commercial driver’s license. This is why the GETDISMISSED system is the preferred option for many truck drivers and other people who don’t actually have the time to spend in court or the money to spend on hourly attorney fees.

Which Commercial Driving Tickets Can We Fight?

Commercial Truck Ticket

The most common California traffic tickets we fight are definitely speeding tickets. However, the GetDismissed system targets the following violations for commercial drivers: cell phone violations, speeding, log book, scales, sign, off truck route, impeding traffic, out-of-lane, over-length, overweight, stopping on freeway, and red light.

You can get a DIY tool kit to have your defense prepared and your “Trial by Written Declaration” submitted to court in no time at all. Start the process with us today and optimize your chances of getting the CDL ticket dismissal you are hoping for.

Use online or even opt for the convenience of our mobile app today. Or, just call us – (800) 580-3769.


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