Unsatisfied with the Court Decision?

We know what you’re thinking? How is it possible to state your case to the court without an attorney or even having to be present in court? What many drivers don’t realize is that you can actually get out of a traffic ticket without using an attorney. That’s where the GETDISMISSED system is truly a wonderful resource for anyone wanting to quickly and cost-efficiently fight their traffic ticket.

The GETDISMISSED system has aided many people without the added burden of costly attorney fees. You can have everything you need for your completed defense package including a “Trial by Written Declaration” and all your defense documents to then just mail off to the court to contest your traffic ticket. This is your best opportunity to fight your traffic ticket without ever having to go to court.

Contesting a traffic ticket in California with a Trial by Written Declaration is your best option to fight your traffic ticket, keep your driving record clean, and save you money. If you win and your traffic ticket is dismissed, no more points go on your driving record and your bail is fully refunded. If it’s not dismissed, no harm is done; you’re right back where you started prior to filing a Trial by Written Declaration and can still have your day in court with or without an Attorney. Either way you just can’t lose!

Take a look at how you can fight the following traffic tickets without an Attorney:

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