Illegal U-Turn ticket

California illegal u-turn ticket


It honestly happens to the best of us, you end up in a situation where you quickly need to course correct and completely miss that sign prohibiting a U-turn. While you’re taking your gap in traffic and carefully executing your turn, you hear the dreaded siren and see an officer of the law beckoning for you to pull over.

The trick is not to panic and calmly assess the situation. Should this be the extent of your violation, there are several ways that contesting an illegal U-turn ticket could be successful. However, should you be written up for a more serious violation (for example, DUI or if you did in fact cause an accident with your turn) then this is not going to be as straightforward.

CA Illegal U-Turn ticket

One of the first things you want to assess when considering your defense in court is whether you were in a residential or business district – or even possibly in neither. There are different safety regulations that apply depending on where you were at the time of the violation. It’s important to note that in most states (not just California) U-turns are almost always against the law unless there is a clearly marked intersection or opening. However, should you be fighting an illegal U-turn ticket based on a residential or similar area, then there are some things to consider. For example,

  • Was the road sign prohibiting the U-turn visible and not obstructed by glare, trees or trucks?
  • Can you prove that there were no vehicles in either direction for at least 200 feet?
  • Were there in fact enough houses for the area to be considered residential and not rural?
  • Did you possibly make the illegal turn in order to avoid a dangerous traffic situation?

These are just a few ways to begin constructing your defense. Getting an illegal U-turn ticket dismissed (CVC 22102 or 22103) can be a costly endeavour in both money and time. That’s why the GETDISMISSED system is a no brainer. You can get everything you need to get a “Trial by Written Declaration” mailed off to the court quickly and cost efficiently.

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