CA distracted while driving ticket


It’s only natural that you may get distracted while operating a vehicle. But everyone can agree this should not be the norm. Whether you were pulled over for having a cell phone in your hand or maybe you were putting on makeup, and looking at your mirror instead of the road, this is wildly irresponsible! Ultimately, research evidence has shown that approximately one-quarter of crashes can be attributed to driver distraction. This can result in significant costs to society, such as tragic loss of life, serious injuries, health expenses, property damage and hiked insurance rates all around.

California distracted while driving ticket

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that fighting a distracted while driving ticket can be a long and exhaustive process – particularly as the courts take this violation very seriously. Not to mention that it can become incredibly expensive if you’re tackling the process with hourly attorney fees in the mix. What if we told you that you can contest this type of ticket from the comfort of your own home? No really!

While the law is certainly clamping down on distracted drivers, there are some cases where you might be successful in getting distracted while driving tickets dismissed. These include:

  • Checking whether the details of your ticket were correctly captured by the issuing officer in terms of gender, age, vehicle and the nature of the distraction.
  • If written up for the use of a cell phone, was the device mounted on the vehicle’s windshield or affixed to the dashboard? And were you voice operating it hands-free (voice-operated)?

These types of things may or may not count in your favour. At the end of the day though, building your defense for contesting a distracted while driving ticket (CVC 21701) starts with having the right knowledge at your fingertips. This is where the GETDISMISSED system is a tool for saving you both time and money. Find out exactly what you’d need to do to have the best chances of a successful outcome with our DIY toolkit helping you through your “Trial by Written Declaration”. It’s so easy!

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