distracted driving ticket cost in california

The cost of a distracted while driving ticket is far more than just the financials. Almost 25% of road accidents can be associated with distracted drivers. The tragic loss of life as well as horrible injuries, and not to forget health expenses, property damage and insurance rates, means that one should consider much more than just the base distracted driving fine.

If you get ticketed for this offense you’ll find that there is a difference in base fines each time you’re cited for this violation. It’s difficult to pinpoint fine amounts in California when you add the penalty assessment fees and even surcharges into the mix though.

What to Expect for a Distracted Driving Fine

For example, if you’re a first time offender then you’ll probably pay $150+ in fees and fines at the end of the day. If this is your second or even subsequent offense, then you should probable expect to exceed $250 each time. As you can see, these kinds of tickets can get scary expensive, very quickly. It’s really best just to avoid them and stay focused on the road.

Understandably, being distracted by personal grooming or devices like your cell phone and vapes are incredibly difficult to defend in court. However, if you do feel unfairly ticketed, then there are criteria that may count in your favor when building your argument. If you want to learn how to fight a distracted driving ticket in California, it is certainly possible with the right support and documentation.

Cost of CA distracted driving ticket

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