California stop sign ticket


You’re taking a relaxing drive on a quiet road, and you briefly pause at a stop sign. As you drive away, a siren pierces your eardrums. The world’s stealthiest traffic cop suddenly appears in your rear-view mirror. He pulls you over. You greet him with “Hello, officer, what seems to be the problem?”

“Do you know why I pulled you over?”, he asks. “Boredom?”, you guess. It’s the wrong answer. He slaps you with a ridiculous traffic ticket that will carry a large fine and a point on your driving record.

Now what? Do you roll over and pay? Or do you fight the system?

CA stop sign ticket

Paying up is easy. Fighting your stop sign ticket (CVC 22450) is more difficult. If you decide to fight your ticket on your own, not only do you need to spend a day at the court house and fill out a bunch of paperwork, but you’ll also have to figure out how to present your defense.

Stop! Take it easy! Let the GETDISMISSED system do all the hard work for you. The State needs to prove that you broke the law. Therefore, they may need to show that:

  • You approached the stop sign while driving your car;
  • The stop sign was at or near the entrance to an intersection;
  • You didn’t come to a complete stop.

If the court can prove that you didn’t stop completely, or stopped too late, they may convict you of the violation. So, what hope do you have of contesting a stop sign ticket unless you have the GETDISMISSED system behind you? If the cop didn’t follow proper procedure, or if something in the intersection wasn’t quite right, this may be a good opportunity to get the charges and ticket dismissed.

  • Was there a stop sign?
  • Was there a stop sign?
  • Was the limit line clearly painted, or was it faded?

Any of the above can help to prepare your defense. Just use our DIY toolkit, and you’ll have your “Trial by Written Declaration” and full defense package ready to mail and submit to the court in no time. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to properly contest and dismiss a stop sign ticket with the right information on hand.

Use on the web, or on our mobile app today! .


Wherever you drive in California.



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