Failure to Yield ticket

CA Failure to Yield Ticket


Yield! In the name of … well, in the name of a clean driving record. And why? Because there are so many possible ways of getting failure to yield tickets in the state of California.

In short, thou shalt yield to emergency vehicles; thou shalt yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk; thou shalt yield to overtaking vehicles; thou shalt yield to oncoming traffic when executing left turns and U-turns. In fact, when in doubt, thou shalt probably yield.

Simple enough, isn’t it? Yes, absolutely. That is, until you get slapped with a ticket when you weren’t expecting one. And that’s the sneaky nature of failure to yield tickets. One moment you think you’re obeying all the traffic laws, and the next thing you know, you get pulled over for a violation.

California failure to yield ticket

But did you deserve it? More importantly, can the state prove that you did? Perhaps you inched too far forward to get a better look at oncoming traffic. Perhaps you got a ticket because of a careless pedestrian.

Naturally you would be thinking of fighting your failure to yield ticket (CVC 21806, 21801 and 21753) but that would cost you a day in court. And suppose you could go to traffic school to get your citation dismissed and points removed from your license, that might mean taking another day off work too.

If this all sounds too much, you’ll be excused for taking the easy way out and just paying up. But what if there’s a better way to possibly get your failure to yield ticket dismissed? What if you can contest your ticket from the comfort of your home?

Well, you can. It’s called a “Trial by Written Declaration”. And with the GETDISMISSED system, you can take the opportunity to prepare your defense with very little effort.

Your chances of contesting a failure to yield ticket successfully will increase just by having the right information on hand. The GETDISMISSED  system gives you all you need to prepare your defense for the best possible outcome. It only takes a few minutes. Then you just need to mail your defense to court, and wait for the result.

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