Speeding Tickets: Radar Gun Errors

When you are pulled over for a speeding violation, you may think that the police officer made a mistake and the radar gun picked up the speed of the car next to you. In this case you may wonder how to fight a radar gun speeding ticket. Let’s take a look!

Are Red Light Cameras Legal in California?

You may wonder are red light cameras legal in California? As it seems, California cities and towns are continuously going back and forth on whether or not red light cameras should be used. So let’s take a closer look.

How Much is a Ticket for Running a Stop Sign in California

Running a stop sign is a simple but costly mistake when driving throughout California. Not only are there many distractions due to busy roads, but the signage may have been hidden behind a tree. Thus, many California drivers every year attain a ticket for running a stop sign.

Does A Red Light Camera Ticket Go On Your Record?

Most states a red light ticket would only cost around $100 but in California the average cost is $480. But what about insurance? Does a red light camera ticket go on your record and increase rates as well? Let’s find out!

How Much Is Traffic School In California?

Traffic school helps keep insurance rates low when a driver receives a moving violation. So how much is traffic school in California and is it the best option after getting a ticket?

Top 5 Most Common Traffic Violations in California

California traffic ticket fines are some of the most expensive in the nation. So it is crucial to know the most common traffic violations in California, how they can impact your life and what to do if you get one.

Can I Fight A School Zone Speeding Ticket?

One might be wondering if you can fight a school zone speeding ticket? And the answer is yes. You can fight a school zone speeding ticket. Let’s learn more..