Speeding Tickets and Background Checks

Speeding tickets are a common occurrence, but many individuals wonder whether these infractions leave a lasting mark on their background checks. In this blog post, we delve into the relationship between speeding tickets and background checks, exploring the implications and considerations for individuals concerned about the impact on their records.

Learn the Rules of Merging onto California Highways

Merging onto a bustling highway can be either a straightforward maneuver or a challenging task, depending on the traffic conditions.

Speed Cameras Coming to Southern California Cities

California is taking a bold step towards improving road safety by introducing speed cameras in several cities, including three in Southern California. This initiative, brought to life by the signing of AB-645 by Governor Gavin Newsom, aims to reduce speeding and ultimately save lives.

Going 80 in a 60 MPH Zone

If you have been caught going 80 miles per hour in a 60 mph zone, you can expect to receive a speeding ticket. Likely, vehicle code 22349.

90 in a 65 MPH Zone

If you were over 65 MPH then you will receive violation code 22349 a vc. There are different defenses that are available for this type of speeding ticket.

How to Write a Trial by Written Declaration for Speeding Ticket

You will be eligible to request a trial by written declaration if you are charged with a traffic infraction or a local ordinance that is under the Vehicle Code.

California Speeding Ticket Cost Calculator

The cost of a speeding ticket in California will depend on a variety of factors including how fast you were going. If you are operating a non-commercial vehicle then most speeding tickets have three fine tiers.

List of California Traffic Violation Codes with 1 DMV Point

After driving for a while, people often slip into bad habits and start to push the limits of their driving and many traffic violations will come with a point.

What is Prima Facie Speed Limit in California?

The Californian speed laws can be confusing to new drivers and those from other states – so you’re not alone when it comes to questioning Californian speed laws.