Founder and Managing Member of The Ticket Advocate, LLC.

Steve has been leading the fight against traffic tickets for over 15 years, practically inventing this industry. Originally Steve served as President and Founder of and now with In 2004, with one goal in mind; to help drivers contest and dismiss their traffic tickets quickly, easily, and inexpensively, Steve formed Since then Steve has continued to expand by developing and deploying all the necessary solutions to assist drivers with contesting their traffic tickets. Steve has been featured as an expert authority on many television, radio, and online networks discussing traffic tickets in California in addition to a thought leader and business entrepreneur and as a published author.

Based on the knowledge of developing and running a successful traffic ticket service in California, Steve felt that there must be an easier, simpler, and better way to contest a traffic ticket. Steve set out to create a new and revolutionary way to contest a traffic ticket by enabling the masses of people receiving tickets and empowering them with the ability to fight back. Thus the GetDismissed service was born and released in February 2015.

Initially raising development funds from friends and family to release and test market GetDismissed, Steve was subsequently able to complete an angel round at a $3M valuation. Steve has now transformed the GetDismissed service into a membership service that allows all California drivers to contest their traffic tickets for free.

Steve is a published author, releasing his first book in 2011, “Traffic Tickets. Don’t Get Mad. Get Them Dismissed. Traffic Ticket Tips, Must Knows, and Much More”, and then followed it up in 2012 with, “Traffic Tickets. Don’t Get Mad. Get Them Dismissed. Stories From The Street. The Ones Who GOT OFF”. In 2015 Steve released his third book “Getdismissed: No Brainwork Required, It’s That Simple”.

Prior to, Steve was CEO of MediaHippo, Inc., an interactive agency focused on web, DVD, and multimedia development. Steve was instrumental in promoting and marketing the Kodak Photo CD technology in the 1990’s, authored many articles and was a featured speaker at numerous industry events. Steve graduated from California State University Northridge with a BS in Accounting. Steve worked for Deloitte Haskins and Sells as a Certified Public Accountant, prior to starting his own accounting agency.


Attorney and Member of The Ticket Advocate, LLC.

Having law enforcement officers for parents, Alexis has always had a special interest in Criminal Law, especially the area of Traffic Law.

Alexis has represented defendants in traffic court, as a solo practitioner, handling cases involving failures to pay or appear, red light camera tickets, speeding tickets, sign violation tickets, and many other types of traffic violations.

Alexis has also been a member of’s executive management team since 2009, serving as its Vice President, Legal Affairs and In-House Attorney since 2013. Alexis has helped to develop new procedures and products to help drivers who wish to exercise their right to contest a traffic violation, a continuing goal of hers. Alexis uses her extensive knowledge and experience to train and mentor other team members.

In 2010, Alexis graduated from The Colleges of Law, Santa Barbara and Ventura, with the degree of Juris Doctor, and was admitted to the State Bar of California as an attorney and counselor at law in 2013.

As an undergraduate, Alexis gained extensive experience while working as an intern at the Superior Court of California, Office of the Public Defender where she assisted with trial preparation, and the California Court of Appeal researching and writing memorandum for the Appellate Justices. Alexis also worked as an intern with the Law Offices of Ronald G. Harrington and Associates assisting with pro bono case files.

In 2011, Alexis co-authored the release of Traffic Tickets. Don’t Get Mad. Get Them Dismissed. Traffic Ticket Tips, Must Knows, and Much More, and, in 2012, co-authored Traffic Tickets. Don’t Get Mad. Get Them Dismissed. Stories From The Street. The Ones Who GOT OFF. Alexis has also been a featured Radio Network Guest as an expert on all things having to do with traffic tickets in the state of California.


Wherever you drive in California.



GetDismissed is ready to fight your ticket from a desktop, laptop, or any mobile device.

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