carpool lane ticket without attorney

dismiss carpool lane ticket without lawyer

It’s so easy to find yourself taking a chance with the carpool lane, particularly if you’re in a hurry and really need to get somewhere fast. After all, if it’s empty why not use it? Well for one, the carpool lane ticket cost in California should be reason enough to avoid this violation. However, if you find yourself in violation of this traffic rule and a stern officer has issued you the dreaded piece of paper, then what’s next? You may be wondering do I need an attorney to contest a carpool lane ticket? Well, thankfully no you don’t.

dismiss carpool lane ticket without attorney

It’s absolutely possible to fight a carpool lane ticket by yourself. In fact, it’s entirely possible to do it without representation and without needing to spend the day in court. For many people with busy schedules and enough financial strain as it is, this can be the saving grace. Obviously, prevention is the best method of avoidance but should you find yourself in this situation then don’t despair. The GETDISMISSED system has been designed to help people exactly like you. You can use the DIY toolkit to build your own appeal and then use the documentation to represent your argument to the court. How? You may ask. It’s simple.

First things first, you’ll need to cross-reference all of the legitimate reasons why you may have been ticketed unfairly. The GETDISMISSED system will assist you in doing so. Then when you are ready you can quickly and cost-effectively put together something known as a “Trial By Written Declaration”. You then just need to mail this off to court and wait for notification regarding the outcome. This has been a successful method of getting a carpool lane ticket (CVC 21655.5b) dismissed for many people all over California. In fact, you’ll find reviews on our website from many people who didn’t actually have the time to spend in court or the money to spend on hourly attorney fees.

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