Membership Basics:


offers an ongoing traffic ticket protection membership. Your membership will continue year-to-year and billed yearly unless and until you cancel your membership, or we terminate it. You must have internet access and provide us with a current, valid, accepted method of payment (as such may be updated from time to time, “Payment Method”) to use the GETDISMISSED service. We will bill the yearly membership fee yearly to your Payment Method. You must cancel your membership before it renews each year in order to avoid billing of the next years membership fees to your Payment Method.

Membership Perks:

GETDISMISSED is a do-it-yourself tool designed to help you create and receive a “Trial by Written Declaration defense package” to contest eligible current California traffic infraction tickets. To use the GETDISMISSED service to get the “Trial by Written Declaration defense package” documents, non-members pay on a per ticket basis. For example, if the non-member cost to use the GETDISMISSED service is $99 per ticket and a non-member has three tickets, they will pay $298. By contrast, members get the “Trial by Written Declaration defense package” documents for each ticket added to their account without paying the non-member per ticket fee. Members pay only the yearly membership service fee and may add an unlimited number of traffic tickets that are eligible for the Trial by Written Declaration service to their GETDISMISSED account. You do not have an eligible ticket, if your ticket:

  • is past due ticket (or has a failure to appear);
  • has a mandatory appearance;
  • is a misdemeanor;
  • is a parking ticket;
  • is not filed with a California Superior Court;
  • is not issued in your (the member’s) name; or,
  • if you can’t post bail for your ticket (bail is a court requirement and you must contact the court where your ticket is filed for the required amount).

Other Membership Benefits:

As they become available each Member will be entitled to receive discounts and other benefits on specified automobile or traffic ticket related products and services offered by participating vendors such as traffic school discounts, and more (“Benefits”).

  • GETDISMISSED negotiates with the providers of Benefits in an attempt to acquire the best possible products, services and discounts for its members
  • All Benefits are subject to discontinuation, change, modification, improvement or substitution without notice and  GETDISMISSED makes no representations or warranties with respect to, and accepts no responsibility or liability for, out of date or erroneous information related thereto.
  • Any Benefits, including, without limitation, a then current listing of participating vendors, will be accessible online at To access Benefits or information related to Benefits, a Member will be required to be a member in good standing and enter his or her GETDISMISSED registered email address and password.
  • Discounts and other Benefits available to Members are based upon negotiated group discounts from participating vendor’s usual and customary fees. Discounts and other Benefits available to Members may not be combined with discounts from any other discount program unless otherwise authorized by the participating vendor.

Membership Payment:

Recurring Billing. By starting your  GETDISMISSED membership and providing or designating a Payment Method, you authorize us to charge you a monthly membership fee billed quarterly at the then current rate. You acknowledge that the amount billed each year may vary from year to year for reasons that may include differing amounts due to promotional offers, and promotional code redemption, and/or changing or adding a plan, and you authorize us to charge your Payment Method for such varying amounts, which may be billed yearly in one or more charges.

Price Changes. We reserve the right to adjust pricing for our service or any components thereof in any manner and at any time as we may determine in our sole and absolute discretion. Except as otherwise expressly provided for in these terms, any price changes to your service will take effect following email notice to you.

Billing Cycle. The membership fee for our service will be billed at the beginning of the paying portion of your membership and each year thereafter unless and until you cancel your membership. We automatically bill your Payment Method each year on the calendar day corresponding to the commencement of your paying membership. Membership fees are fully earned upon payment. We reserve the right to change the timing of our billing if your Payment Method has not successfully settled. Your renewal date may change due to changes in your Membership. Visit our website and log into your account and click on the “Your Member” link to see the commencement date for your next renewal period. We may authorize your Payment Method in anticipation of membership or service-related charges. As used in these terms, “billing” shall indicate a charge, debit or other payment clearance, as applicable, against your Payment Method. Unless otherwise stated differently, year or yearly refers to your billing cycle.

No Refunds. PAYMENTS ARE NONREFUNDABLE AND THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS FOR PARTIALLY USED PERIODS. Following any cancellation, however, you will continue to have access to the service through the end of your current billing period. At any time, and for any reason, we may provide a refund, discount, or other consideration to some or all of our members (“credits”). The amount and form of such credits, and the decision to provide them, are at our sole and absolute discretion. The provision of credits in one instance does not entitle you to credits in the future for similar instances, nor does it obligate us to provide credits in the future, under any circumstance.

Payment Methods. You may edit your Payment Method information by visiting our website and log into your account and click on the “Your Membership” link. If a payment is not successfully settled, due to expiration, insufficient funds, or otherwise, and you do not edit your Payment Method information or cancel your account (see, “Cancellation” below), you remain responsible for any uncollected amounts and authorize us to continue billing the Payment Method, as it may be updated. This may result in a change to your payment billing dates.

Membership Cancellation:

You may cancel your GETDISMISSED membership at any time, and you will continue to have access to the GETDISMISSED service through the end of your yearly billing period. WE DO NOT PROVIDE REFUNDS OR CREDITS FOR ANY PARTIAL-YEAR MEMBERSHIP PERIODS. To cancel, go to our website and log into your account and click on the “Your Membership” link and uncheck the auto renew box. If you cancel your membership, your account will automatically close at the end of your current billing period. To see when your account will close, log into your account and click on the “Your Membership” link.


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