speeding ticket cost in california

It is a tricky affair to determine a California speeding ticket cost as these tend to scale depending on the speed you were going and how far above the speed limit you were. This means it can become an incredibly expensive violation as the state of California has a zero-tolerance approach to anyone who puts other drivers and pedestrians on the road at risk.

So, of course, the best way to handle speeding tickets is to avoid getting them. However, if you’ve been ticketed for a speeding violation it can get tricky in terms of expense. This is because the ultimate value of this ticket could even end up being 4-7 times higher than that of the base fine if you’re caught in specific zones where certain state penalties apply. For example:

  • MPH Over Speed Limit
    Between 1 & 15MPH
  • Base fine
  • Double Fine Zone (Construction Zone)
  • State Surcharge

The above example is using a conservative violation speed though. If you were going much faster than the speed limit, your California speeding ticket cost can climb alarmingly fast. For example:

  • MPH Over Speed Limit
  • Base fine
  • Double Fine Zone (Construction Zone)
  • State Surcharge

That’s not even addressing the long-term expense of having your insurance rates increase after getting hit with a traffic citation. Add to this the cost of an attorney and court fees, not to mention time spent to appear in person, and it becomes necessary to consider fighting a speeding ticket (CVCs 22349a, 22349b, 22405, 22406 or 22407) remotely instead. Particularly in terms of not taking on the financial strain if you’ve been unfairly penalized.

Cost of CA speeding ticket

How to Reduce the Cost of a CA Speeding Ticket

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