No One is Above the Law Not Even Conor McGregor

  • Conor McGregor Banned from Driving Following Hefty Speeding Ticket Former UFC dual-division champion Conor McGregor has lost his driving privileges on Wednesday after an Irish court heard his case for a speeding violation. McGregor was banned from driving for six months and fined €1,000 (a little over $1,100) for driving 154 kph (96 mph) in
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The Battle for Driving Experience Will Be Won by Software

  • Sirius XM’s recent all-stock $3.5-billion purchase of the music-streaming service Pandora  raised a lot of eyebrows. A big question was why Sirius paid so much. Is Pandora’s music library and customer base really worth that amount? The answer is that this was a strategic move by Sirius in a battle that is far bigger than radio. The
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California Charges Sidewalk Parking Fees to Combat Lower Ticket Revenues

  • They have landed in San Francisco, San Diego, Minneapolis. They have squeezed into Charlotte, North Carolina, Miami, and Phoenix. As shared, electric scooters took off some local governments panicked. Others moralized. A few shrugged their shoulders and let the people ride. But almost all of them whipped out the calculators. A shared scooter service doesn’t
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The California DMV Points System

  • Have you ever heard of the DMV points system in California? Odds are, you haven’t. This system rates a traffic penalty and adds a corresponding point amount to the offender’s license.  As points add up, worse implications may occur such as the suspension of one’s license. Let’s take a look at how the DMV points
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Sea Lion Blocks Traffic on Busy Road

  • Animal experts were summoned to a California road to rescue a sea lion that decided to stop in the middle of traffic and refused to budge. San Diego Police said they were called about 3:30 p.m. Monday about an animal in the road and they arrived to find the sea lion lying on its back in the
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Ice-T Arrested for Toll Booth Violation

  • He didn’t have plates on the McLaren yet, either. Musician and actor Ice-T recently had a rough time in his new McLaren 720S when he didn’t pay the toll to drive over the George Washington Bridge, which connects Manhattan and New Jersey. Port Authority officers stopped Ice-T and arrested him for a toll booth violation.
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California Bike Ticket Diversion Programs Needed

  • Andrew Yip of BikeSanGabrielValley (BikeSGV) recently tweeted out a thread about a bike rider who got a ticket for riding on the sidewalk. A recent immigrant, he didn’t understand why he had been stopped, and had to wait around for the police to find a translator to explain it to him. According to Yip, the
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Penalties for California Seat Belt Law Violation

  • It may seem absurd now, but there was a time when seat belts were omitted from cars altogether. Laws mandating the wearing of seat belts did not exist—the primary issue was getting them into cars in the first place. However, since 1986 the state of California has mandated that all drivers buckle up. Let’s take
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345 People Caught Abusing Disabled Parking Placards at Los Angeles County Fair

  • Pomona – A series of enforcement operations held at the Los Angeles County Fair has resulted in 345 citations being issued to abusers of disabled person parking placards. During four operations held at this year’s fair, DMV investigators verified that 1,955 visitors using disabled person parking placards were doing so legally. The statistics reveal that one
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How Bad Are California Drivers? National Rankings Out Now.

  • A new report has ranked California tie for third in the country when it comes to bad drivers. The financial advising company SmartAsset released its second annual study on states with the best and worst drivers this month. The study looked at four metrics: percent of drivers with insurance, number of DUIs per driver, average
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