Traffic Ticket Costs in Emeryville, Alameda County

Emeryville, located in Alameda County, California, is no exception when it comes to issuing traffic tickets. Drivers in Emeryville may receive tickets for various violations, including, but limited to; Speeding, Red light infractions, Traffic camera citations, Cell phone misuse and others. However, California drivers have the right to contest these tickets through Trial By Written Declaration. This means that if you receive a traffic ticket in Emeryville, you have the opportunity to fight it and potentially avoid the negative consequences. But more importantly the base fine might not cover the complete ticket cost, as additional fees and penalties mandated by the county and state of California could apply. Here are some of the potential additional fees:

  • $40.00 – Court operations assessment fee
  • $35.00 – Conviction assessment fee
  • 100% of base fine – State penalty assessment fee
  • $1.00 – Night court assessment fee ($1.00)
  • $7 for every $10 of base fine – County penalty assessment fee
  • $4 for every $10 of base fine – DNA Identification fund penalty assessment fee
  • 50% of base fine – State court construction penalty assessment fee
  • $4.00 – Emergency Medical Air Transportation Services fund penalty assessment fee
  • $2 for every $10 of base fine – Emergency medical services fund penalty assessment fee
  • 20% California traffic citation surcharge

Overall, drivers may end up paying 6 times the cost of the base-fine.

Fight your Emeryville Traffic Ticket

If you receive a traffic ticket in Emeryville, you have the right to contest it through Trial By Written Declaration. This allows you to fight the ticket and potentially avoid the negative consequences, such as points on your driving record, increased insurance rates, and additional fees. To save you time and money, GetDismissed has created a hassle-free system to fight California traffic tickets?. All you have to do, is simply provide your incident and personal details, and our system will craft your defense documents. Then all you have to do is sign, mail, and eliminate stress, court hassles and high lawyer fees.


Common Emeryville Traffic Tickets and potential Costs

Navigating through common traffic tickets in Emeryville, Alameda County? Rest assured, you’re at the perfect destination. The expenses and penalties associated with each violation vary, contingent upon the nature of the offense and your driving background. Feel free to peruse the comprehensive list of violations available here, or simply select your preference from the options below. It’s worth noting that the landscape of traffic violations can shift, and the occurrence of specific infractions may fluctuate owing to a multitude of influencing elements. Stay informed and make empowered decisions.

Emeryville Speeding Tickets: The most prevalent infractions, California's average $710 fine (from a $35 base-fine) hits hard. For speeds 1-15 MPH over the limit, expect a $288 annual insurance increase over three years. Clock 16-29 MPH over, and it jumps to $317. Count on Trial By Written Declaration for your defense, and a dismissal secures no points, bail refund, and insurance stability.

Emeryville Red Light Tickets: Securing the second spot in common infractions, the average cost surpasses $450. Post-red light violation, brace for a $272 yearly insurance hike over the next three years. Choose Trial By Written Declaration, and victory means no points, bail refund, and insurance intact.
Emeryville Traffic Camera Tickets: Steer clear of this one, as the average toll breaches $490. Traffic camera infractions lead to a $272 annual insurance escalation across three years. Opt for Trial By Written Declaration to shield your record, recover bail, and maintain your insurance rate.
Emeryville Cell Phone Tickets: A 1st offense for cell phone use commands an average $178. Anticipate an annual $224 insurance rise for three years. Embrace Trial By Written Declaration and celebrate exoneration without points, bail recouped, and insurance steady.
Emeryville Stop Sign Tickets: Halting at over $238, a stop sign violation packs a punch. The insurance gauge adds $272 yearly over three years. A win through Trial by Written Declaration delivers no points, bail return, and unwavering insurance.
Emeryville Carpool Lane Tickets: Carpool lane fines surpass $490, and anticipate a potential 19% insurance increase over three years. By leveraging Trial By Written Declaration, victory brings no points, bail refund, and steady insurance rates.