Traffic Ticket Costs in South Gate, Los Angeles County

South Gate, located in Los Angeles, offers a range of traffic tickets that include various violations such as speeding, red light infractions, traffic camera citations, cell phone misuse, stop sign offenses, and carpool lane violations. While the average fines and insurance rate increases for these violations can accumulate, California drivers have the right to contest these tickets through Trial By Written Declaration. It is important to note that the base fine might not cover the complete ticket cost, as additional fees and penalties mandated by the county and state of California could apply. Here are some of the potential additional fees:

  • $40.00 – Court operations assessment fee
  • $35.00 – Conviction assessment fee
  • 100% of base fine – State penalty assessment fee
  • $1.00 – Night court assessment fee ($1.00)
  • $7 for every $10 of base fine – County penalty assessment fee
  • $4 for every $10 of base fine – DNA Identification fund penalty assessment fee
  • 50% of base fine – State court construction penalty assessment fee
  • $4.00 – Emergency Medical Air Transportation Services fund penalty assessment fee
  • $2 for every $10 of base fine – Emergency medical services fund penalty assessment fee
  • 20% California traffic citation surcharge

Overall, drivers may end up paying 6 times the cost of the base-fine.

Fight your South Gate Traffic Ticket

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Common South Gate Traffic Tickets and Potential Costs

If you’re looking for information on common traffic tickets in South Gate, Los Angeles, you’ve come to the right place. Each traffic ticket comes with unique costs and fines, and the fines generally depend on the type of offense and the driver’s record. You can check out the full list of traffic violations here or select your option below.

It’s important to note that traffic ticket trends can change, and violations’ prevalence may vary based on various factors.

Speeding tickets are the most common traffic ticket infraction in California, with an average fine of $710 for a $35 base-fine. The insurance cost may increase by $288 per year for speeds 1-15 MPH over the limit and $317 for 16-29 MPH over.
South Gate Red light tickets rank second in common traffic infractions, averaging around $450, and may lead to a $272 per year increase in insurance for the next three years.
South Gate Traffic camera violations have an average cost of approximately $490, with an insurance increase of $272 per year for three years.
Cell phone violations can be expensive, with an average cost of $178 for a first offense. Additionally, expect an insurance increase of $224 per year for the next three years.
Stop sign tickets can cost $238 and may lead to an insurance increase of $272 per year for the next three years.
Carpool lane tickets have a cost of $490, and the insurance premium may increase by 19% for the next three years.