How to Pay A Traffic Ticket Online

Traffic Ticket Pay OnlineHave you received a traffic citation in California? It’s quite an unfortunate occurrence, but action must be taken to avoid additional penalties. The good news is that you can pay your infraction from the comfort of your home. Let’s take a look at how to pay a traffic ticket online, while taking all of your citation-fighting options into consideration.

Paying Your Traffic Ticket Online

The first thing you should do when attempting to pay your traffic ticket online, is to read your citation carefully. Various citations are payable online, while some are labeled as requiring a court appearance. A California Highway Patrol citation is only payable to the court of the county in which it was ticketed, so take note of where you received it.

Next, you should set up a time frame in which to pay a traffic ticket online. Wait at least two business days after receiving the citation, but not before two business days before it’s ultimately due. This is because the system takes a few days for citation information to be entered and recorded; also, errors in the traffic citation system are not uncommon, hence the reasoning for paying two days early.

To pay the ticket, head to the California “Pay Traffic Ticket” page. Out of the 58 counties, select the one where you were cited. Keep in mind that some counties do not have online payment capabilities, but you can usually pay via phone. (Have your credit card handy)

On the California traffic ticket site, fill out the online form with your name, address, driver’s license information, and corresponding citation number from your ticket. If you are satisfied with the outcome and willing to pay, select the box to “plead guilty” to the infraction. If you are not content with paying for the citation, you can attempt to dismiss your California traffic ticket, without using an attorney. Click “make payments” and proceed to enter your credit card information. Some county courts also accept electronic funds transfers, though it is less common.

Other Ways to Pay Traffic Citations Online

If you do not wish to use the California government site to pay your fine, you may pay it directly through a court payment system. We have provided a list of some of the most populated county’s online ticket payment systems:

How to Avoid Paying a Traffic Ticket Online

What if you are cited in California, but you want to avoid paying the hefty fine? Ticket dismissing services such as GetDismissed have helped thousands of people obtain financial relief from steep fines and insurance hikes. The process is simple. First, you should mail your documents to the court in the county of receiving the citation. This includes a check or money order for the bail amount on your courtesy notice. (mailed from the court, or on its website) Sign the “Trial by Written Declaration” form, which you can obtain with your GetDismissed account. Next, verify and print your written defense. You will want to mail everything to the court through certified mail. Now all you have to do is wait for the verdict; it typically takes one to three months. The great thing about this process, is that you do NOT need an attorney, and you do NOT need to appear in court. Have any more questions about how the GetDismissed ticket dismissal process works? Check out our FAQ.

Use GetDismissed and Don’t Pay A Traffic Ticket Online

GetDismissed produces results in fighting tickets. We can contest infractions revolving around speeding, red lights, red light cameras, cell phones, signs (primarily stop signs), carpool violations, out of lane violations, and commercial violations. If you are pulled over and receive a citation, there is a good chance you will have to pay a traffic ticket online. However, be on the lookout when the traffic stop occurs, as any minor detail can play a part in dismissing your ticket. If you have any questions about paying for your California traffic citation online—or are considering using a ticket dismissal service—don’t hesitate to contact us.


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