Traffic Ticket Payments Should Not Be Paid Without Trying This

California traffic ticket payments

California traffic tickets are some of the most expensive tickets in the nation. For these reasons, making traffic ticket payments without fighting the ticket by Trial by Written Declaration is a mistake. If your ticket dismissed through Trial by Written Declaration, it means no points, no increase in insurance rates, and no ticket payments. So why not try!

California Traffic Ticket Fines and Fees

California traffic ticket payments vary from county to county. To find basic information about your traffic ticket fine and traffic court is listed on your citation. However, you soon realize the base traffic ticket is not the ending cost. There are additional fees including:

  • Court operations assessment fee ($40.00)
  • Conviction assessment fee ($35.00)
  • State penalty assessment fee (100% of base fine)
  • Night court assessment fee ($1.00)
  • County penalty assessment fee ($7 for every $10 of base fine)
  • DNA Identification fund penalty assessment fee ($4 for every $10 of base fine)
  • State court construction penalty assessment fee (50% of base fine)
  • Emergency Medical Air Transportation Services fund penalty assessment fee ($4.00)
  • Emergency medical services fund penalty assessment fee ($2 for every $10 of base fine)
  • 20% California traffic citation surcharge

Overall, California traffic ticket cost is determined by the severity of citation and additional penalties imposed by the county and state.

California Traffic Ticket Total Cost

On average, traffic ticket payments are 6 times the cost of the base fine of the original traffic ticket.

Here is how much a California traffic ticket can cost you:

California Traffic tickets total cost

California Traffic Ticket Points

And let us not forget that fines are not the only consequence of a traffic citation. California drivers that receive a traffic ticket are penalized with points added to driving record. Points on record could mean increase insurance rates, revoked driving privileges, and/or driver’s license suspension. The average insurance rate increase is $160 per year for the next three years.

Avoid Making California Traffic Ticket Payments

As you can see, California traffic ticket payments can add up to a huge financial hardship. That is why we have developed a system to help you fight your traffic ticket with Trial by Written Declaration. All you have to do is tell us what happened, we build the documents, and then you just have to mail the documents to court. Try GetDismissed online or call us at 800-580-3769.

And even if your ticket is not dismissed, you can still go to court by filing a request for Trial de Novo (New Trial) to challenge the decision.


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