How To Fight A Traffic Ticket Without Going To Court In California

In the state of California, drivers have the ability to contest a ticket by filing a Trial by Written Declaration. This is easily the best way for you to fight a ticket without you having to worry about going to court. This option is available to everyone who might have a ticket in the state of California.

Traffic Ticket Should Not Be Paid Without Trying This

California traffic tickets are some of the most expensive tickets in the nation. For these reasons, making traffic ticket payments without fighting the ticket by Trial by Written Declaration is a mistake. If your ticket dismissed through Trial by Written Declaration, it means no points, no increase in insurance rates, and no ticket payments. So why not try!

Does Going To Traffic School Reduce Ticket Cost?

If you have ever gotten a ticket, then you will know how frustrating they can be. Sometimes, you may feel as though your only option is to go to traffic school if you can’t afford to pay the bill.

Do Red Light Tickets Affect Insurance in California?

One of the long-term consequences of receiving traffic tickets, is insurance rate increases. Let’s explore the impact red-light tickets have on insurance in California.

Do You Have To Sign a Traffic Ticket in California?

Generally, when drivers are asked to sign by a police officer, they will not try to challenge the charges and just sign the ticket. But do you have to sign a traffic ticket in California? What happens if you don’t? And if you do sign, are you still able to contest the ticket?

How Much is a Ticket for Running a Stop Sign in California

Running a stop sign is a simple but costly mistake when driving throughout California. Not only are there many distractions due to busy roads, but the signage may have been hidden behind a tree. Thus, many California drivers every year attain a ticket for running a stop sign.

How to Beat a Ticket for CA Vehicle Code 22349a

Receiving a ticket for CA 22349 VC is not an enjoyable experience. The CA DMV treats speed overages of 1 mph equally to overages of 50 mph in terms of guilt status. The good news is that any incurred traffic ticket fines may be avoidable.

Understanding the California Lane Splitting Law

In 2016, California become the first state to officially legalize lane splitting. Before, it was not considered illegal but there were no regulations. Therefore, passing the California Lane Splitting Law enabled California Highway Patrol to define legal versus illegal lane splitting.

Are U-Turns in Residential Districts Legal?

On busy streets, we are commonly aided by U-turn signs telling us if we are or aren’t able to pull a 180. But, what about residential areas where no such signage exists? Let’s take a look at the laws surrounding California U-Turns in Residential Districts.

How to Pay A Traffic Ticket Online

Have you received a traffic citation in California? It’s quite an unfortunate occurrence, but action must be taken to avoid additional penalties. Let’s take a look at how to pay a traffic ticket online, while taking all of your citation-fighting options into consideration.